Automated Credit Control - Chasing Debtors with No Effort!

We all have those clients that we have to constantly chase for payment - what can we do to stop this?

Everyone knows these sort of clients - you have to put so much time and effort in to getting payment for the service you have provided. There are lots of reasons clients pay late:

  • Cashflow problems
  • Understaffed
  • Forgetful
  • Poorly organised
  • Because they want to!

So how do you deal with them? In an ideal world we would only deal with the perfect payers but we don't live in an ideal world. Lots of e mails and phone calls could do it, visiting in person, threatening to put a stop on the account, debt collection agencies who will then take a large percentage of the debt. 

We have found a fantastic piece of software that can manage credit control and keep an eye on the cash flow at the same time and it uses an easy to read dashboard so you can keep on top of any debt. Fluidly software uses AI to automate the credit control function of the business. Now, a lot of other software can credit control automatically so why is this any different? The customisable functionality is so much more intelligent.  Have a look at this short video and we are sure you will agree with us - Click here to be amazed!


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