Bucks Business First Grants for Businesses in Buckinghamshire

Funds has been made available to support businesses in Buckinghamshire through a partnership between Buckinghamshire Local Enterprise Partnership, Buckinghamshire Business First and Buckinghamshire Council.

Grants of up to £5,000

To support businesses to invest in professional services which will provide essential support and identify opportunities to increase business resilience.

Grants of up to £10,000

To support businesses who do not qualify for government support or to provide the difference in value where national support can be provided.

To support businesses who wish to switch production or re-direct resource to support national need.

To enable businesses to invest in measures that will improve business resilience.

These grants are only available to businesses based in the Buckinghamshire Council area. Eligibility criteria apply.

This fund is a separate scheme to the £10,000 grants for businesses in receipt of the small business rate relief and the rural rate relief, and the grant funding of £25,000 for retail, hospitality and leisure businesses. Those funds are being delivered directly by Buckinghamshire Council. 


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