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Business Fact Sheets

These fantastically useful fact sheets cover everything you can think of for business owners, from start ups to growing your business, we have the fact sheet for you that you are free to download and keep!

This Month's Bookkeeping Deadlines & HMRC Fuel Advisory Rates

Table showing HMRCs fuel advisory rates for this month

Why Outsource Your Bookkeeping?


Our video looks at:

  • What is VAT
  • VAT threshold
  • Compulsory registration
  • Advantages and disadvantages of voluntary registration
  • Tricky VAT rates
  • VAT schemes

New Employers

Thinking of employing for the first time? Just employed for the first time? Ensure you are HMRC compliant with this checklist. Need help or advice? contact us by clicking here.

Tax Codes

What your tax code numbers and common letters mean, click here to view the full list.


Employers Must Re Enroll Staff Through The Pension Regulator

The Pension Regulator's short animation explaining re-enrolment - every 3 years, any business with employees need to declare their compliance

Pension top tips

Pension Top Tips

Staggeringly, one in 10 (10%) do not intend to plan their retirement finances at all.

Here's our tips and handy website links to help you plan your pension.


The below video shows the Xero app capabilities or click on the Xero button to see how to use Xero.

Set Up Invoice Reminders

Get paid effortlessly!

Bookkeeper V Accountant


Handy Self-Assessment Tax Return Help & Tips

Check out our video for inspiration. If you run out of time or patience, contact us for a cost effective, compliant, stress free service NOW! Click here to contact us.


A handy PDF explaining the Construction Industry Scheme.


Our video looks at what your payslip shows and where the information comes from.


Tripcatcher Mobile Apps Update

Existing Tripcatcher apps (prior to 31st March, 21) will stop working on 1st April, 2021. Tripcatcher are releasing the new phone apps for both iOS and Android before the 31st March 2021.

The app has been completely rewritten and before using you, and your users, will be required to:

  • Delete your existing Tripcatcher phone app as it will no longer work after the 31st March 2021;
  • Install the new Tripcatcher app form the App and Play Stores;
  • Login to the newly installed Tripcatcher app (using your web app email address and password);
  • And finally enter any default settings eg home/office addresses, default reason for business trip, etc.


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A business plan is crucial to starting a business, find out why here.

Not sure whether to run your business as a limited company, sole trader or partnership? We summarise the potential tax savings available from operating as a limited company. 

There are a lot of different finance options with different consequences and tax implications, how do you choose one?

We look at which business insurances are compulsory and which of the nice to haves are worth spending out on.

Do you understand the responsibilities of a director? Our guide walks you through it.

Sole trader, partnership or limited company? We look at the options and minimising tax and National Insurance.

Understand if you need a company secretary, why you would need one and their duties.

What is a PSC, their role within the business and when you have to register them with Companies House. 

Looking at the responsibilities of a director(s), legal continuity, dividends, taxes and penalties for non-compliance.

Why credit control is such an important part of running your business. How to set up and manage.

What you need to do BEFORE you employ, what HMRC expects from you every month, deductions and more.

We delve more in to payroll, looking at what RTI is, the frequency HMRC need it and the consequences of not doing it.

The tax and National Insurance implications of reimbursing directors and employees for travel and subsistence.

We cove annual leave regulations, contractual entitlements and sickness during holiday as well a lot more!

How you can make the most of tax saving opportunities for your business.

This fact sheet looks at what you need to know about corporation tax self-assessment.

Retaining staff is fundamental to business, motivating your employees are key to this. Employee benefits, our factsheet looks at the benefits available and how to minimise your tax liability.


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