New Xero Analytics - Free Until January 2022

When COVID-19 first hit, Xero released short-term cash flow and business snapshot tools to all customers free of charge. These tools helped visually project your potential bank balance 7 or 30 days into the future and get insights on your business performance, so you can spot opportunities and mitigate risks ahead of time.

Xero have now bundled these tools and renamed them Xero Analytics. If you’re on a Xero business plan, they’ll still be available free of charge, located under the ‘Business’ tab on your dashboard. The tools in Analytics also have some exciting new features that add even more value to your Xero plan. You can now:

  • click on any point in the short-term cash flow graph to view the cash going in or out that day
  • enjoy the flexibility of grouping your cash flow projections by day, week, or invoices/bill
  • choose whether you want to see your invoices and bills in a summary or table view
  • see scheduled repeating bills and invoices in your short-term cash flow dashboard
  • view business snapshot data either on a cash basis (when you pay or receive money) or an accrual basis (when you get a bill or raise an invoice)

Xero Analytics Plus is now available as a paid add-on in where it is included in Established and Premium plans. If you’re on a Starter, Standard or Premium plan, you can try Analytics Plus for freeuntil 31 January 2022.


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