Spot Check Inspections For Employers Not Carrying Out Workplace Pension Responsibilities

The Pension Regulator recently announced that they are inspecting employers suspected of failing to meet their workplace pensions duties, these employers include organisations that are believed to be non-compliant or that may be at risk of becoming non-compliant. Non-compliance is brought to The Pension Regulator through various ways:

  • HMRC sharing payroll information
  • Pension scheme alerts
  • Whistleblowing from individuals

Some of the responsibilities employers are failing to follow are:

  • Correctly assessing staff
  • Make the correct pension contributions for staff
  • Not having paperwork for staff opting out
  • Staff inducement

The Pension Regulator stated they are rolling out more inspections after the lifting of COVID restrictions. As well as non-compliance, the inspectors will be looking to gain insight into employer behaviour and highlighting any common errors.

The Pension Regulator’s Head of Compliance and Enforcement, Joe Turner said:

“Despite the challenges of the past two years, the majority of employers have continued to meet their responsibilities, including paying contributions in full on time and recognising that automatic enrolment is business as usual.

“But where we are aware that an employer is failing to do the right thing, we will take action to protect savers, including on-site inspections. This means we could be knocking on an employer’s door in any part of the UK.

“Where an employer fails to meet their automatic enrolment duties, our priority is to make sure they become compliant. We use our wide-ranging powers to do so, including issuing financial penalties where appropriate.”

These visits will be undertaken throughout the UK and will usually notify the employer 2 weeks before the visit. 

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