Revolutionising Bookkeeping: Xero’s "Just Ask Xero (JAX)"

In the ever-evolving landscape of accounting and bookkeeping, staying ahead of technological advancements is essential for maintaining efficiency and providing top-tier service.

At Xerocon 2024, Xero introduced an innovative new feature: "Just Ask Xero (JAX)." This advanced AI tool is designed to transform the way bookkeepers and clients interact with the Xero platform, offering a host of benefits that streamline processes and enhance productivity. Here’s how JAX is set to revolutionise the bookkeeping world.

What is Just Ask Xero (JAX)?

Just Ask Xero (JAX) is an AI-powered tool integrated into the Xero platform. Using the emerging Generative AI (GenAI) it allows businesses more efficiently, it has been tagged as ‘your smart business companion’ and will be able to create an invoice or amend a quote as well as show you reports to stay on top of your financial health. Available from August in beta, it is an invaluable assistant for both bookkeepers and businesses.


  • Instant Response - ask JAX a range of tasks to complete and reports to review, saving you valuable time


  • Increased Efficiency – email JAX on the go to raise an invoice freeing up time to focus on more strategic tasks. By handling routine questions, JAX allows you to allocate time more effectively and improve overall productivity.

  • Accurate and Consistent Information - JAX provides accurate and consistent responses based on the latest data and best practices. This reduces the risk of human error and ensures reliable information.


  • Enhanced Client Communication - with JAX handling routine inquiries, you can focus on more meaningful interactions with customers, offering personalised advice and support that adds greater value to services.


Xero’s Just Ask Xero (JAX) is a game-changer for the bookkeeping and accounting industry. It streamlines processes, improves efficiency, and allows for more meaningful interactions, ultimately contributing to better financial management and business success. As we embrace this innovative tool, we look forward to the many ways it will benefit our clients and enhance our services.


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