Cashtrak is a Fluidly Silver Partner! Cashflow and Forecasting - The Next Generation

Peace of Mind and Confident Business Planning in Minutes.

During our trial with Fluidly we were blown away with its flexibility and automation, cashflow forecasting and credit control all in one.

What is Fluidly? 

Accounting software records what has happened in the past. Fluidly powers your financial future. Cashflow forecasting is the gateway to financial decision-making. Intuitive cashflow forecasting powered by AI. Fluidly is for modern businesses that want to know exactly what their financial future holds and how to optimise it. Fluidly takes transaction data from your accounting system and uses this to automagically forecast your financial future in minutes and down to invoice-level detail. giving you cashflow confidence.

In addition to the forecasting, it easily and seamlessly manages your credit control, after an initial set up it will automatically chase invoices with invoice specific instructions. It allows each individual invoice to be managed however you want - which our clients love, just because one customer needs constant chasing, it doesn't mean another does.

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