A Clever, Stress-Free Solution for Staff Expenses That Could Improve Cash Flow (Not COVID-19 Related!)

The staff expense process can be a problem for employees, many companies consider a spreadsheet good enough to manage employee expenses. But disconnected and often inconsistent processes means missing out on some huge benefits, from increased VAT reclaim and increased visibility of spend to improved user experience and quicker claiming. Fixing the expenses process means your business spends less time doing admin and more time doing business!

  • Is your team spending too much time processing claims?
  • Are you under claiming the VAT you are entitled to because it is too difficult to calculate?
  • Do you have a high volume of errors or questions when employees are submitting claims?

How can this be made easier, less painful and time consuming?

  • Get rid of petty cash
  • Save time (and money) on reconciling
  • Avoid the risks of credit cards
  • Keeps costs under control
  • Create clear project budgets
  • Improve cash flow
  • Protect critical spend
  • Manage online spend
  • Customise accounting experiences

We are using Soldo to manage our own business expenses and a number of clients have now taken them on and we are really impressed (we have not been paid to or asked to endorse Soldo) but wanted to spread the word of our personal experiences knowing that a lot businesses find the expenses process a problem.

What is Soldo?

Soldo are pre loaded cards which employees can use for expenses, the app allows them to easily capture the transaction at the point of purchase and the employer is able to track spending, manage budgets and report everything into the company accounts.

Soldo has complete Xero integration which of course, we love. Employers can send money to the cards automatically, manually or based on your own rules and timings.

The Soldo account managers are always on hand to provide support. 

About Soldo

  • Soldo have more than 60,000 customers
  • Regulated and authorised by both The FCA and The Central Bank of Ireland
  • Headquartered in London, with offices in Rome, Milan and Dublin
  • Soldo plans come with Mastercard┬« cards, a mobile app for employees, and a web console for administrators

Interested? Watch our video for more information.

Soldo demo.


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