Quickly And Easily Manage Your Bookkeeping: Receipts and Invoice Filing And Data Entry Made Simple

The Stress Free And Time Saving Document Processing Solution - HubDoc

We are all looking to save time and make our lives easier, unfortunately your bookkeeping can be a time intensive process – we are always looking at ways to help our clients cut down on time and energy spent to provide us with what they need.

Many businesses and individuals find managing their paperwork an uphill struggle, piles of paperwork for business or tax returns, little time to sort through and process these, putting off dealing with the paperwork until it becomes urgent and then the stress that then ensues. The danger in this is that it will take a longer to work through the paperwork when you need it or even worse, can’t find it at all. Even if you are on top of managing your paperwork, the data entry is time consuming, time better spent concentrating on your business. That is where HubDoc comes in, it captures the document data, converts it to the information needed then sends to either Xero or QuickBooks Online with the original document attached - data entry is a thing of the passed for receipts and invoices!

It can also be set up to automatically ‘fetch’ bills from hundreds of companies – telecommunication providers, banks & other financial institutions and utility companies so you don’t need to log on and download the invoice. In addition, you can use it to store important business documents such as insurance certificates for ease of access.

How Does It Work?

It is easy to send your paperwork to HubDoc, either by e mailing, uploading, scanning or by using the mobile app to take a photo. HubDoc then extracts and stores your paperwork. Your bookkeeper then reviews the paperwork, making changes if necessary and clicks a button to send to your desired software. HubDoc can publish the paperwork directly to your desired software however we advise clients against this, as clever as the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is, in the unlikely event a mistake is made, your bookkeeper can pick this up and there’s nothing like the human touch!  


  • No more time spent searching for paperwork or downloading bills
  • Your bookkeeper won’t have to continually chase you for paperwork
  • Historical data and documents available for easy access
  • It is free for some Xero plans
  • Paperless solution
  • Spend the time saved on processing paperwork on your business
  • Easy To Use

What’s More

HubDoc offers a free trial so you can see what you think before committing to it but we guarantee you will love it, what is not to love about saving time and money!

Cashtrak have Xero Migration Certification so if you are not already using Xero, we can migrate this for you easily. Click here to contact us for a free, no obligation quote to save you time and money on your bookkeeping today!


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