What Is A P11D And Why Do I need One?

What Is A P11D?

A P11D shows certain expenses and benefits that an employee is liable to pay tax on. Employers who must submit P11D forms every tax year to let HMRC know of any expenses payments, benefits and facilities given to each employee or director.

Employees taxable benefits can be offset against your PAYE tax code which means employees may be more tax each month

Why Do Employees Need One?

The so called benefits-in-kind effectively increase you salary so the P11D for reports them to HMRC.

Examples Of Benefits In Kind

  • Company car
  • Private medical cover
  • Loans
  • Living accommodation
  • Company vans for private use

Who Needs To Complete A P11D

Employers should give employees their P11D by 6th July for the tax year ended the April before. You need to keep your P11D safe as you may need it if you need to submit an Income Tax Self-Assessment (tax return.)

How We Can help

 We can advise on the creation and implementation of a robust expenses system. We can also help with the completion of annual forms P11D. Please contact us for any further assistance or advice.

Example P11D Form


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