Focusing On Cashtrak's Payroll Professionals

In the intricate machinery of a successful business, there is a group of dedicated professionals who work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that the gears keep turning smoothly – our payroll team!

Precision, accuracy, legal compliance, data security and confidentiality are part of their every day work, this leads to:

  • Financial Stability for Employees

  • Employee Morale and Satisfaction

  • Efficiency and Time Savings

  • Supporting Business Growth

Meet The Cashtrak Team:

Carol, our longest serving payroll professional works tirelessly behind the scenes not only crunching numbers but watching webinars, attending talks and reading always ensuring she is on top of regulations and compliance.

Jo, recently passed her payroll exam which is not an easy thing to, especially when she works full time, has 4 children, 2 grandchildren and is a Scout leader! We don’t know how she fits it all in but she is doing a fantastic job with her payroll clients.

The Harpur Trust V Brazel supreme court case has massively impacted the world of payroll and was a worrying time for all, understanding the impact of this ruling. Lorraine took this on herself to interpret this and role it out to our clients. She spent a lot of time researching the consequences from a payroll and HR perspective, about the HR perspective of the court case.  Then she did the most fantastic work on the aspects to consider for calculations. She then presented her findings at the Oxfordshire Institute of Certified Bookkeepers branch meeting to ensure her fellow ICB members where up to speed.

So thank you to all you payroll professionals and especially ours!


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