Our New Complete, Payroll Solution – A Few Clicks & Payroll Is Done!

Save Time, Eliminate Costly Errors With Our FCA Regulated & Secure Platform

What Is It?

An online solution that allows us to securely make payments on your behalf to employees while you retain control through a robust and simple approval process. The payments are processed directly from Modulr’s software, our payments technology partner Modulr is authorised and regulated by the FCA.

Problems With The Old System

Currently, you will receive a payment workflow spreadsheet or report from with payment details. You then have to manually upload and process these payments through your online banking system. This involves unnecessary and time-consuming admin for you, which can slow down reconciliation and lead to delays in processing time. 

How Will The System Be Improved?

We’ve teamed up with the payments technology platform Modulr to prepare your payment workflows and submit information to you through a secure cloud-based portal. All you need to do is click approve - no more emails or spreadsheets to worry about.

You can then fund the payments with a single payment, initiated at the same time as your approvals, which is much faster and more convenient than traditional online bank transfers. This frees you up to focus on what you do best - growing your business.


  • Free yourself from your payments admin burden while retaining approvals control
  • Approve payments in just a few clicks, instead of manually uploading
  • Your payments are managed efficiently in a single, regulated and secure platform
  • This system allows us to manage every aspect of your payments effectively and securely, while providing you with richer business and financial performance insights
  • Cost effective

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