Xero's CEO - Bank Feeds, Apps & Innovation| Xerocon 2022

Xerocon London kicked off with a welcome from @Xero CEO, Steve Vamos. He acknowledged the that the bank feed needs work and advised they are talking to banks to try to resolve the problems. There are more open API (Application Programming Interfaces) to get more connections set up. You can read more about bank feed problems here.

Depending on your bank, we would recommend regularly checking your bank statement against your Xero bank feed until the issues have been fixed. Need help? Contact us here.

Xero are working on adding even more apps to their new app store. If you haven’t seen the app store, it is well worth a visit. There are apps, add-ons and integrations that are fantastically intuitive and save loads of time and hassle! One of our favourite is A 2 X – it takes the complicated sales, fees and tax from ecommerce and transfers it to Xero! Once the set up has been completed there is very little (if any) human interaction needed and is particularly helpful with the complex Amazon selling and has saved us many headaches! See Xero’s app store here.

Steve has acknowledged that there is always a gap in what they provide and we expect and said: we all have to remember that “innovation is at heart of all xero do"


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