Global Bookkeeping Week: The Bookkeepers Summit

Being a successful, compliant bookkeeping practice means a lot of work happens behind the scenes. Most clients won’t be aware of the large amount of administration we have to do to adhere to regulations and legislations and ensure we keep up with the ever changing rules.

We are helped and supported with this by The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB), not only are they a great community to belong to, they and our fellow members provide learning, help, support and guidance to empower us to be committed to professional excellence, have robust ethical and technical standards.

The Bookkeepers Summit is the world's biggest conference dedicated to bookkeepers, there are inspirational keynotes, technical updates, regulatory announcements, software exhibitors, and social gatherings.

Legislation and technology are always changing which means we are always learning, always exploring strategies, values and technology resulting in the best possible service for our clients could need.  


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