Cashtrak Is Proud To Announce Our New Charity Of The Year For 2019/ 20!

Here at Cashtrak, we enjoy giving something back, we support our local community and support a charity for the year. Each December our staff nominate one charity each and one is picked at random to become Cashtrak’s charity of the year. We don’t send corporate Christmas cards, instead donating what we would have paid for cards and stamps for clients and suppliers to our charity of the year. We also support fundraising events and organise our own where possible.

We are proud to announce that Blue Cross for Pets is our new charity of the year. They are a brilliantly worthy charity. They provide help for thousands of cats, dogs, small pets and horses in need every month, providing veterinary care, expert behaviour help and find them loving happy homes, as well as advice and education for current or future pet owners and pet bereavement support. They develop lifelong relationships with the pets and owners, providing quality care that is accessible and non-judgemental. Blue Cross for Pets have been helping sick, injured, abandoned and homeless pets since 1897, pets help us in so many ways and they depend entirely on us. That’s why at Blue Cross they believe in helping pets because pets help us.

Pets change lives. Blue Cross for Pets change theirs.

Their vision is that every pet will enjoy a healthy life in a happy home and won’t rest until they achieve it. But they really need your help. They care for around 40,000 pets every year but it’s not enough – there are many, many more out there who still desperately need them and they must be there for them.

  • £2 a day could keep a cat warm and safe at one of their centres
  • £20 could fund an unwanted horse’s basic hoof care
  • £136 could provide clinical care for a homeless dog during their stay with them

If you would like to support our fundraising or have any questions, please contact us at: info@cashtrak.co.uk. For more information on Blue Cross for Pets visit https://www.bluecross.org.uk/

Our excitement at supporting such an amazing charity inevitably means that we have to say goodbye to our previous charity, not completely though as individually we will continue to support them but as Cashtrak’s charity of the year. Thames Valley Air Ambulance was our incredibly deserving charity of the year from December 2018, they provide emergency medical services by air and land to patients across Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. Thames Valley Air Ambulance do not receive any money from the Government or National Lottery.

There are so many deserving charities in desperate need of financial support and we wish we could do more, this became very apparent when we had to decide who we wanted to nominate. If there are any charities who would like to be considered for our charity of the year next year, please contact us at: info@cashtrak.co.uk with your details.


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