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Auto Enrolment

It's all change with Auto-Enrolment .  In October 2017 auto-enrolment hit its five-year milestone and we head towards the first increase in contributions. What's involved and what might be the additional cost? Background Auto-enrolment began in the autumn of 2012 and in...
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Over my recent blog posts, I’ve hopefully given some insight and easy-to-follow guidance on how to ensure you’re fully compliant with Auto Enrolment before final deadlines pass this autumn – it should all seem much less daunting now! But before you skip off into the s...
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So you know your Auto Enrolment deadlines, you’ve assessed the eligibility of your workforce, ensured your pension scheme qualifies, and communicated the necessary information to your employees. But don’t stumble at the final hurdle - let’s just consider the last few...
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Now here is a point about Auto Enrolment that you might not necessarily know about, but cannot be stressed enough: the timings and wording as to how you communicate information about AE to your employees is key, and strictly set out by the government. The odd poster in the ...
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So far, we’ve looked at the broader picture of what’s involved in complying with Auto Enrolment, as well as timelines and the eligibility of your workforce. But what about Auto Enrolment pension schemes themselves? Employee pension schemes are complex creatures, and onl...
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If you’ve been following my last couple of blogs, you’ll be starting to build up a good picture as to what is required to bring your business in line with new Auto Enrolment (AE) pension legislation reaching final compliance deadlines this autumn. Having got your head ar...
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My previous blog post may have got your cogs churning about bringing your business into line with new Auto Enrolment pension legislation, required of all UK employers and with compliance deadlines fast approaching. But as promised, Auto Enrolment doesn’t need to give you s...
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Deadlines are looming for all employers to have complied with Auto Enrolment legislation. Have you got your ducks in a row? For a lot of small businesses, the prospect of complying is a daunting one. As one of my clients plaintively put it, it’s as if “the whole ruddy t...
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I know from talking with clients that they're not thrilled about Auto-Enrolment. I'm afraid though AE isn't a dream and it won't disappear if you shut your eyes and don't look at it. But it doesn't have to be a nightmare. As you're probably well aware, all employers with ...
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